Madison Sauke

Madison Sauke

Public Relations Coordinator

Madison Sauke is a first-generation college student that was born and raised in a town called Austin that is in Southeast Minnesota. From 2019 to 2020, Madison served as the Student Senate President at Riverland Community College and dually served as the Governing Council Representative for the Southeast Region. She currently commits time to the Basic Needs Committee that helps support students who may be struggling with basic resources while attending College. Madison is majoring in Business and is wishing to transfer to a University in Minnesota after she completes some courses at Riverland Community College.

The reason why Madison chose to step up for leadership positions is because she saw a need for a voice that would ultimately benefit the people she went to school with. She feels motivated to support international students as well as lower-income earning students because she sees an achievement gap within those groups that needs to be closed. Madison is also passionate about mental health initiatives, as she started the Quiet Space project on her campus at Riverland.

Aside from attending college, Madison works as a bank teller in her home town of Austin. She prefers to spend her free time with her two pets: a dog and a spider. For hobbies, she loves to find random creative projects to do and watch her plants grow. To get on her good side, it is recommended to bring her a roll or two of sushi.

This year, Madison is excited to work on lower income programs to be implemented in colleges, mental health initiatives, and International Student program reform.