What is the Online Voter Registration (OVR) Tool?

In partnership with Rock the Vote, LeadMN has created an online voter registration tool that can be used for free by any higher education institution across Minnesota to track campus-specific voter registration numbers. It takes just minutes to register to vote using the tool, and campuses can easily embed the link into web pages and other existing campus processes such as welcome week, orientation, or class registration.

Why use the LeadMN OVR tool?

There are many ways to do online voter registration, but this tool is the only one that will allow you to track how many registrations were completed and accepted from your specific institution. Also, many other OVR tools require students to print out and return a physical form to their election office. With this tool, LeadMN takes on the responsibility of returning the forms each Friday to the Minnesota Secretary of State's office for processing, a critical step that leads to much higher completion and acceptance rates.

Has it been used before?

Yes! In the 2020 election cycle, LeadMN used this tool to register over 1500 students to vote. In fall 2021, we embedded the tool on 7 campuses and processed 350 registrations. With the midterm election approaching, we want to be sure as many campuses as possible can utilize this tool.

How do I get started?

To start, fill out the interest form below and review this sample contract. Someone from the LeadMN team will reach out to you as soon as possible to talk through next steps.