Oballa Oballa headshot

Oballa Oballa

Vice President

Oballa Oballa was born in Gambella, Ethiopia and grew up in a Kenya Refugee camp. He moved to America in December 2013. Oballa served as SGA president at Boxelder Job Corps in South Dakota before attending college.

Currently, Oballa is attending Riverland Community College in Austin, MN. He is pursuing a degree in Human services and will transfer to a four-year university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in social work. At Riverland, Oballa was the former student senate public relation coordinator and student senate president. He was also the former LeadMN Southeast Platform Representative. Oballa’s work doesn’t stop on campus; he is also involved in his community by being a member of the Austin Human Rights Commission.

Oballa is extremely passionate about food insecurity at our two-year colleges and wants to make sure that all of our campuses can provide a food pantry for students who are struggling. Oballa and his Riverland student senate created a food pantry on their campus, which had been a great resource for their students.

Outside of work, Oballa loves road trips and cooking. He also likes doing stand up comedy when he is in the mood to entertain people.