LeadMN is pleased to announce the launch of our new talent matching system. Find your dream job today!
Meet Matt Gutsch, LeadMN's newest staff member!
At Incoming Leader you learned about your personal strengths, your region, and your role. You came together as regions to build an action plan and identify three or four key goals you want to accomplish together this year. You received a lot of great information and now you may be wondering where to go next. Well, we have some ideas for you!
Minnesota needs a skilled workforce, and at the pace we are graduating and retraining our workers, Minnesota will not meet this demand. By 2020, Minnesota is projected to have a shortage of 100,000 workers according to Lt. Gov. Tina Smith. But we can do something about it.
Are you looking for a fulfilling way to buff up your resume? Interested in professional development and networking? Join a Minnesota State Committee today!
LeadMN currently has two equity interns for the 2017-18 school year. They will be doing a lot of awesome work, and we want you to have a chance to meet them!
Local elections rarely pop up in our newsfeeds, and sometimes they come and go without us even knowing they happened. However, even though they may not be highly publicized, local elections can have huge impacts on community & technical college students.
Big news! After 19 years, MSCSA received a complete brand revival with a new name, new logo, new colors, and new website. MSCSA has become LeadMN!
Right now, students are not well represented in the legislature because historically they don’t vote. This is a major reason that Minnesota Community and Technical College students pay the 3rd highest tuition and fees in the country.
It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce the grand opening of the Mark M. Welter Center for Learning.