Here is the latest on what is happening with our Affordable Textbook, Equity & Inclusion and Get Out the Vote campaigns.
Tavion Tran grew up around the world in Vietnam. Here's his story.
National Voter Registration Day. The big day has come and gone and we want to thank everyone that worked so hard.
An update on the Minnesota State CDO search, DACA resources, and gearing up for MNSLS with equity in mind. Here are three things that you need to know about equity this month.
The Minnesota State system office has announced that Dr. Clyde Wilson Pickett will be the new Chief Diversity Officer of the system.
My name is Kayley and I LeadMN because I see the greatness in our students. Serve on a committee, you will not regret it.
There is a movement sweeping across the country to help save students money. Textbooks are a huge part of the cost of attending college, with the average two-year college student spending just under $1,400 a year for books and supplies.
Wondering what LeadMN President Isaac Jahraus has been up to since he took office? Well you are in luck! Hear all that Isaac has been doing since July and what he is looking forward to this year.
LeadMN is pleased to announce the launch of our new talent matching system. Find your dream job today!
For the second year, Incoming Leader Training was held at the Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center located in Lanesboro, MN on August 10-12, 2017. The LeadMN cabinet and staff were there to help prepare students for campus and state-level work, with a plethora of information and activities that could be utilized all year.