Lira poses in front of blue and gold tribal art

Lira Momunalieva

Community Solutions Program Fellow

Lira graduated with a BA in Sociology from American University of Central Asia in Bishkek,
Kyrgyzstan and currently she is a fellow of the Community Solutions Program in LeadMN under
the support of the US State Department. She has experience working on human rights promotion
among youths at the YAF (Youths Acton Fund) program at the Soros Foundation in Kyrgyzstan, girls'
rights through sport at American Councils, and many other volunteering and civic engagement
projects. She had the chance to work at a summer school in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany and worked in youth development in Izmir, Turkey. She is an Access Program alumni and currently works as president of the Access Alumni Association in Kyrgyzstan. This organization works on leadership development, cultural exchange, personal, professional and social development of youths in Kyrgyzstan.

Lira believes that everyone has the right to access an education, adequate standards of living,
and equal opportunities. LeadMN works on empowering youths through leadership, breaking
down the barriers, communications and soft skills development. Lira says, "They believe in dreams
becoming reality, so do I."

Lira enjoys walking, hiking, cooking, traveling, meeting new people, and adventuring with friends
or people that she knows. She is in for everything that might be interesting and new!