Fatu pic

Fatu Magassouba

Interim Executive Director

As a survivor of civil conflict, Fatu has dedicated her life to addressing issues that are at the root of social conflict and instability. She is passionate about addressing poverty and the different ways it impacts our local and global societies. Fatu has addressed this by advocating for people and their right to support in their time of need and working with underserved communities to create a proactive environment where everyone has a role in building their communities and narratives. Fatu knows this is possible through active civic engagement. As an organizer, Fatu started a grassroots movement with the vision of getting African immigrants more civically involved and serving their communities. Fatu has worked on several campaigns and has been instrumental in electing the first African-American woman to the Minnetonka City Council in 2019.

Fatu holds a master's Degree in International Relations and Affairs with a Humanitarian Issues focus from Webster University and a bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management with a minor in Marketing from Southwest Minnesota State University. 

In her new role, Fatu will continue working to advance the importance of civic engagement with students and help build the next leaders in the state and country. To do this, she understands relationships and collaboration are key to successful outcomes. In addition, she will also support the development of LeadMN’s basic needs and support services for students. She will prioritize building new partnerships and deepening relationships with our current partners. Feel free to contact her with any questions or opportunity to connect!