LeadMN President Kylander and Vice President Mesta met with the Chancellor of the Minnesota State System Devinder Maholtra to discuss basic needs, free college and COVID outreach effort.

President Kylander noted that the new SNAP guidelines include college students and can provide students a pathway away from food insecurity. LeadMN urged the system office to hire a systemwide SNAP coordinator to help as many colleges as possible expand SNAP Employment and Training programs. The Chancellor said that he would take the recommendations under advisement. 

Then LeadMN followed up on a recommendation that we made back in April to clarify campus guidance on the health waiver policy. President Kylander discussed how this policy is a way to bring students back to class and help them understand their rights when they get sick. Vice Chancellor Maki outlined their draft of the system policy that is our for review. LeadMN will share feedback on this proposed policy change.

Then President Kylander discussed the opportunity to work together to educate prospective students about Governor Walz’s new grant program to create free college for students enrolling in high demand fields.