Axel Kylander


Axel was born in Cornwall, England, and grew up mainly in east central Minnesota. He is a student at Anoka-Ramsey Community College, studying first creative writing and now communications. He plans to major in political science for his bachelor’s degree and hopes to go to law school after that.

Before becoming a member of the Cabinet, Axel served in a variety of leadership positions on his campus and with LeadMN, including Student Senate President and Platform Committee Student-at-Large.

Civic engagement is a central part of Axel’s life. He believes that every problem, challenge, and injustice in the world is best met by the empowerment and collaboration of people, and he is driven to participate in that process however he can. Axel is always eager to dig into research on the issues affecting students, analyzing trends and possible solutions. He is devoted to understanding how the past affects the present, and how we can all work from there to make a better future.

In his free time, Axel loves to spend time with his friends, explore new places, read, and write. He loves history and philosophy, and is a writer and poet who needs writing like a fish needs water.

This year, Axel is excited to work on basic needs, equity and inclusion, and GOTV efforts in the fall.