One of the missions of our organization is to develop strong student leaders. The student leadership conferences are a great way to help develop and strengthen the necessary leadership skills for strong leaders. This year, we launched a new program using digital badging to recognize student participation in certain trainings throughout the year that we believe are crucial to building these and other important skills.

The Leadership Badge Awards Program helps students develop tools necessary for advancing leadership in all aspects of their personal and professional lives. Students can collect badges to demonstrate their skills in any of LeadMN’s four core areas: leadership, equity, advocacy and professional development. These badges are displayed electronically on LinkedIn to show prospective employers the skills a student has mastered.

Students can earn 16 different badges throughout the year. Those students that acquire 12 out of the 16 badges by March 2019 will be recognized during the Spring General Assembly and will be awarded a LeadMN honor chord to wear at graduation.

Already, 106 students are participating in the badging program. We are excited to see such a high number of students engaged in the program this year.

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