As a trusted friend and family member, you can play a role in their decision to get vaccinated and help get them the information they need—through texts, calls, and in-person conversations at school, sports, and church.

Listen to their questions. Listen without judgment and identify the reasons for their concerns. Acknowledge how they’re feeling.

Ask open-ended questions. Understand what your friend or family member is worried about, where they get their vaccination information, and what they’ve done to get answers to their questions.

Ask to share information. Ask if you can provide them with some information from trusted sources—including; local health department websites; or their doctor, nurse, or pharmacist.

Help them find their own reason to get vaccinated. Everyone who chooses to get vaccinated does it for a reason—to protect their family; to protect their children; to be less anxious; or to get back to activities like seeing friends, resuming work, or returning to school. Feel free to share your own reasons or discuss common goals you may have, like visiting with each other safely.

Help make their vaccination happen. Offer to help make a vaccination appointment at a location nearby. And, if needed, go with them to the appointment. Offer transportation or child care. See for more information.

Source - We can do this - Health and Human Services