Thank you to all the schools who have created GOTV action plans and set pledge goals for the fall. Here are a few reminders about GOTV this semester: 


We will be collecting registrations from Constitution Day, September 17, until National Voter Registration Day, September 25. The rest of the fall will be focused on collected pledges. 

When you collect a registration, it MUST be completely filled out and SIGNED by the person registering. Once they have registered, you have two options:

  1. You may send the registration to us WITHIN TWO DAYS of collecting it. Our address can be found in your GOTV Toolkit packet.
  2. You may send or turn in the registration to the Secretary of State’s office. If you do this, you MUST make a copy of the registration first, and send the copy to us. You must ALSO send the registration to the Secretary of State’s office within one week of collecting it. The address for the Minnesota Secretary of State can be found on the back of the registration. 
  3. It is highly recommended that you send the registration to us rather than send it in yourself. That way, we can check the registration for any errors and make sure it gets to the right place on time. If you do not follow the instructions exactly, the registration will not count and the person will not be registered!
    1. If you would like stamps to send the registrations, please let us know and we can send you some. 


For pledges, the minimum information that you must collect in order for the pledge to count is NAME and ADDRESS. Please try to fill out the pledge card as completely as possible, but pledges without the above information will not be counted. 

To report pledges, send the pledges in an envelope to LeadMN. The pledges should be labeled with a sticky note telling us how many pledges are included. In addition, please email Raisa Elhadi at with the number of pledges and the date you sent them. Pledges should be reported every two weeks starting August 27. 

Voter Cup

There will be two Voter Cups: One Voter Cup goes to the campus with the most pledges collected, and one Voter Cup goes to the campus with the highest percentage of their student body pledged to vote. 

In a case where you win both the percentage and the most pledges, you will win the cup for the most pledges, and another campus will be awarded the cup for the highest percentage. You cannot win both cups in one year.
A campus has the opportunity for more recognition. At certain mile markers, each campus will receive a Pledge Recognition Certificate. A certificate will be awarded at the following pledge amounts:

  • 500
  • 1,000
  • 2,000
  • 2,500

If your school reaches 3,000 pledges, you are entitled to a home baked cake, as per the GOTV workshop at Incoming Leader. 


Contact LeadMN Outreach Coordinator Raisa Elhadi at 651-203-9463 or

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