LeadMN believes that every student should have their voice heard. Elected officials make key decisions that have a huge impact on students like whether tuition goes up or how much financial aid is offered. 

While many students are now voting during the elections, thanks in large part to the hard work of our student leaders telling their fellow students the importance of voting, many students are still missing a vital part of the election process: caucuses. Caucuses are the process where political parties narrow their nominations down to the final person who will end up on the ballot for election in November. For example, if Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are both running for President and are from the same political party, the caucus in February will determine which one of them will be on the ballot in November. It is important to caucus in February if you want to have a say on who you vote for in November. 

It is never too early to start preparing! We will be electing a new Governor, all 134 seats in the MN House of Representatives, an Attorney General, a Secretary of State, and a State Auditor. 

Questions about the Get out the Vote campaign? Contact LeadMN Outreach Coordinator Raisa Elhadi at 651-203-9463 or relhadi@leadmn.org.