Democracy is not a spectator’s sport. That is why LeadMN will organize three “action” conferences within our conferences to help engage students, faculty, and staff around three critical topics in higher education. These events will provide an opportunity to learn and develop action plans to bring back to your campus.
Download the Democracy in Action Series flyer.


We are inviting the entire higher education community to attend these  three events to help develop a civically engaged community.


We encourage campuses to assemble teams of students, staff and faculty members that will participate in each of these events. Having the commitment from each group will help ensure that this is a campus wide effort.

Campus Grants

Each event will have a “shark tank” component where campuses compete from grants to support their campus action plans.

Democracy in Action Series

Everyone Counts

Date: Oct 18, 2019

Help shape the future of your community by participating in the census. We will learn what the census is, why this process is important to our democracy and higher education institutions, and ways that you can engage students in this once in a decade event.

Hunger Free Campus

Date: Jan 10, 2020

Food insecurity is a real issue that impact one in two community college students in Minnesota. We are partnering with the national RealCollege campaign to bring in policy experts to help us understand ways that we can address food insecurity on college campuses and develop action plans that are created from the ground up.

Get Out the Vote

Date: Apr 17, 2020

In 2018, students in Minnesota turned out in record numbers to have their voice heard. The 2020 election is an opportunity to build upon that momentum as we help even more students vote. This event is an opportunity to assemble your campus team that will help you strategize the ways that you can build a culture of voting on your campus.