What is CivicCUE?

CivicCue is a service of LeadMN to send text messages to students at critical times this fall to get them the voting information that they need. The clear and timely messages have been crafted by a national behavorial science group in a format that is proven to drive engagement.

How does it Work?

Colleges or Universities can sign up for this service by signing a service agreement with LeadMN and paying $1.00. Then College and Universities will send LeadMN the contact information for students and we will send out the four informative text messages to students throughout the fall.

The Txt Message Calendar

  • Register to Vote - Sept. 22
  • Last chance to Preregister to Vote - Oct. 12
  • Request an Absentee Ballot - Oct. 19
  • Don’t Forget to Vote - Nov. 2

Why Use CivicCUE?


  1. Provide Critical Information to Students on How They can Vote Safely
    No student voter should have to choose between the health of their families and their say in our democracy. Helping students register to vote online and request absentee voting is more important than ever this year.
  2. Legal Mandate to Help Students Vote
    Minnesota Statute §201.1611 states that “[a]ll postsecondary institutions that enroll students accepting state or federal financial aid shall provide voter registration forms to each student as early as possible in the fall quarter.”
  3. Student Data is Safe, Secure and Nonpartisan
    Student data will not be sold or given to any other party. All messages are non-partisan and are focused on helping students vote.
  4. An Affordable Option
    We will only charge colleges and universities $1 for this service thanks to grant funding from the Minneapolis Foundation.

Read our one pager on CivicCUE.

Read a sample contract for this service.