Caledon wears a suit jacket and tie

Caledon Johnston


Caledon Johnston is a 21 year old student and was born in Duluth, MN. He is currently living in Winona, MN and is a student attending Minnesota State College Southeast pursuing a Biomedical Equipment Technology AAS Degree. His plan is to work in new locations to repair equipment in hospitals.

Previously, Caledon has been involved with Student Leadership at Hennepin Technical College as a Student Experience Team Leader for both years while attending (2019-2021), and also the Student Senate Vice President during the 20-21 academic year. He was also the Treasurer at Minnesota State College Southeast for the 21-22 academic year, and got involved directly with LeadMN by taking the role of the Platform Committee Representative for the Southeast region.

Caledon has found throughout his experience as a student leader, and through personal experience that college affordability to this day still causes many students to either have to drop out or not go to college. Being someone who does not receive federal Pell Grants, and also has found many other students facing the same problem, Caledon has a passion to address this and make college affordable for all students of Minnesota. He also wants to redefine the transfer process as he found that Minnesota still uses a curriculum that hasn’t been revised in over 30 years, and wants to be able to make change for changing times. He is motivated to ensure and keep LeadMN in good financial status and spending funds where students benefit the most.

Outside of student politics and biomedical equipment, Caledon enjoys photography and videography, playing tennis and bowling, travel and exploring nature, and discovering more about advancing technologies as the world continues to progress.