Learning Circle Description: A learning circle is a highly interactive, participatory structure for organizing group work in online courses. The goal is to build, share, and express knowledge though a process of open dialogue and deep reflection around issues or problems with a focus on a shared outcome.


  1. Attend introduction Zoom session
    Dates and times are below
    Agenda: Introductions; Share resources and ideas curated by LeadMN and resources on LeadMN website; info about LeadMN events; show the online sharing platform (Google site)
  2. Participants share on our online sharing platform how you are embedding civic learning in your course this fall (required); participate in online forum (optional—I can regularly monitor the discussion boards to answer questions, etc.) which can be a space to ask questions and share resources
  3. Submit brief report at the end of the semester– this will trigger the $250 check (Name, institution, course(s) where you embedded civic learning; description of your project; lessons learned; resources to share
  4. Optional wrap-up Zoom session after the election