Liz Bloch

Public Relations Coordinator

Liz Bloch was born and raised in central Minnesota. She has experienced a variety of schools with different education options, such as private, boarding, home, and charter schools. Currently, Liz is attending Mesabi Range College - Virginia Campus. At MRC, she was fortunate enough to discover Student Senate and other student involvement opportunities. She has formerly served as MRC Virginia's Student Senate Vice President ('17-'18) and Student Senate President ('18-'19).

Liz also enjoys serving her community in other ways, such as volunteering at her local libraries, collaborating with the Blandin Foundation and their leadership program, as well as working for the Mesabi Family YMCA. Liz is most passionate about providing opportunities for lifelong learning opportunities to her community, whether that be through attending college courses, providing public library programs, or advocating for legislative support at state and federal levels. Liz feels most happy when able to contribute to the field of education. 

Outside of work, Liz enjoys attending rock concerts like Greta Van Fleet, trying new sushi combinations, and playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends. She and her partner-in-crime of seven years, Ty, live on the Iron Range (basically The Shire) with their two ferrets, Kirby and Ippo.