September Association Update



Upcoming Events

September Leadership Conference | September 23 @ 6pm
We will introduce attendees to LeadMN and discuss how you can make change to address college affordability, mental health and racial equity. Register here.

Minnesota Student Leadership Summit | October 22-24 
Students will have networking opportunities, listen to amazing speakers, and grow their personal and professional skills! There will be a variety of different workshops to boost your knowledge and increase your skills as well as fun social activities. Register here.


LeadMN News

Leadership Report - August
Each month the cabinet shares the work they did. Read more...

Post Census, MN Urged to Help More Diverse Population
The 2020 Census showed Minnesota is becoming more diverse. LeadMN's work was critical to ensure students at community and technical colleges were counted and receive funding and representation in Congress. Read more...

MPR News: MN Colleges' Prerequisite - COVID Vaccinations for Students
Many Minnesota colleges and universities are requiring vaccines, enforcing mask mandates, and providing frequent testing in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. LeadMN has encouraged a robust statewide vaccine education campaign across all universities and colleges to dispel myths and promote students' health and well-being. Read more...

Campus Visits 
We traveled over 1600 miles to welcome students back to school. Read more...