Congratulations 2020 Annual Award winners!

College President of the Year

Dr. Adenuga Atewologun

 Riverland Community College

"They care, they’re empathetic and enthusiastic about their students' futures.” - Oballa, 2019-20 President


Student Leader of the Year

Axel Kylander

Anoka-Ramsey Community College

Axel “...has gone above and beyond in advocating for students within LeadMN and their senate.” - Priscilla, 2019-20 Vice President


Instructor of the Year

Emily Werschay

Mesabi Range College - Virginia

Emily “...truly exemplified the LeadMN mission of breaking down barriers to higher education and empowering two-year college students…” - Liz, 2019-20 Public Relations Coordinator


Student Senate of the Year

Central Lakes College - Brainerd

“This Senate cares for everyone inside the campus and out.” - Britta, 2019-20 Treasurer


Governing Council Member of the Year

Connor Lynch

Connor has the "...abilities and the courage of going beyond the role to do some of the many people thought was impossible." - Oballa, 2019-20 President


Platform Committee Member of the Year

David Mesta

Platform Committee Member of the Year! "David went above and beyond in his role." - Priscilla, 2019-20 Vice President


Advisor of the Year

Paulette Bonneur

North Hennepin Community College

Paulette “...understands that supporting all the different aspects of the students' lives makes them better…” - Priscilla, 2019-20 Vice President


Minnesota State Committee Member of the Year

Lauren Feiersinger

Lauren “...always makes sure students' voices are heard and their questions are answered.” - Oballa, 2019-20 President


Intern of the Year

Joshua Medley

Joshua is "...passionate and caring..." - Britta, 2019-20 Treasurer


Alumni of the Year

Heather Darby

Heather “blew us away this year with the dedication and energy they brought to their work with LeadMN.” - Liz, 2019-20 Public Relations Coordinator