“Leadership is not about you; it's about investing in the growth of others."   —Ken Blanchard

    LeadMN is currently in stages of Alumni Association redevelopment in order to get support of graduates in widening the capacity building of stronger civic engagement, youth development, and evolving communities. Alumni have the power of motivating, inspiring and making contributions into positive changes in the lives of young people by sharing their success stories. Additionally, the LeadMN is excited at prospects of future opportunities to connect with and work alongside international alumni networks.


      The mission of the Alumni Association is to support LeadMN to break down the barriers and empower the youth to achieve their dreams through leadership development and providing them the tools and  professional opportunities to become strong leaders in their communities.


      The goal of the Alumni Association is to reunite graduates of LeadMN to contribute to the organization through our mentorship program and advocacy for free access to higher education for Community College Students. Ongoing partnership of alumni is focused to provide networking, leadership development, and fundraising.

      Leadership Structure

      flow chart of Alumni Association leadership structure. The flow chart includes President, Vice President, Coordinator, PR Manager, and Fundraiser

      Open Positions 

      Board President

      Participate in organizational policy-making decisions, donor cultivation, organizational fundraising and strategic planning. Lend your name and personal credibility to the organization.

      Vice Chair

      Work with Board members and staff to contact, develop, maintain, and improve relationships of LeadMN AA.

      Outreach & Event Coordinator

      Reach out to LeadMN Alumni, organize events, meetings, conferences and work with logistics and vendors.

      Public Relations Manager

      Build strong relationships with partners and individual advocates, and building links back to communications efforts to advance shared priorities.


      Identify potential sources of funding, including individuals, corporations, foundations, LeadMN Alumni and partners. Work to build relationships with those individuals.


      Monitor LeadMN Alumni Association budget and helping guide financial expenses and planning.


      Oversee the day-to-day operations of the organization.

      Alumni Association Programing

      Alumni Networking Reunions

      Annual events that can be realized in different formats (conference, gala, dinner etc.) The main goal of Alumni Reunion is to network, awarding of the team, presentations, discussion of issues, teambuilding, fresh alumni engagement, etc.

      Mentorship Program

      Opportunity for alumni to engage in B2B format in longer term of professional support with current students. Program works  4-6 months where both of the sides set certain goals and achievements due the end of the mentorship program. 



      Includes all students of colleges or schools (not only alumni of LeadMN programs). Volunteering Program length is 6 months. It includes: professional, personal and social development training through social projecting and project realizations by volunteers.


      The LeadMN Alumni Association team will form a team to help to promote and energize the issues and missions of LeadMN.

      Donors/Fundraising campaigns

      Events or projects that will help to reinforce the budget of LeadMN Alumni Association.

      Recognition of LeadMN members

      Being able to be a part of  LeadMN as a bridge to apply for grants and opportunities, authorship will be kept. 2) Certificate of recognition and completion of the work. 3) Experience 4) Realization of ideas etc.

      Connect with the Association!

      Join our Facebook group — https://www.facebook.com/iLeadMN/groups/  

      Update your contact info as an alumni — https://www.leadmn.org/alumni-contact-information


      Contact LeadMN Associate Executive Director Fatu Magassouba at fmagassouba@leadmn.org.