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Get Basic Needs Support

LeadMN has compiled a number of resources to support students with mental health, transportation, child care, technology, housing, and more.

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Scholarship Gala

Join us January 6, 2023, for a special evening where we recognize outstanding student leaders and raise funds for LeadMN's scholarship program.

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Attend the January Conference

LeadMN’s annual January Leadership Conference is designed to prepare and build on students’ skills and experiences so you can be effective leaders on your campus.

Ali Tomashek, a white woman with medium brown hair, smiles in front of Lincoln Memorial in bright orange coat.
"While I was enrolled, my outstanding tuition balance prevented me from using campus resources such as the food court or the bus system. I struggled to pay my rent, pay for groceries, or pay for medical expenses with a job that only paid minimum wage. I remember staring blankly in my kitchen, calculating how I would survive on only frozen food."
Ali Tomashek
Student Stories
Amona Rite Donald, who is a brown woman with curly dark blonde hair, smiles at the camera. She is wearing a black shirt with a camel brown jacket over top.
“I feel like as international students we can't seem to win. It's either why are you using our resources and leaving or, if I stay here, why are you using our resources and taking jobs that are meant for the American people? And so we struggle with this rhetoric of like, OK, do I belong? Or do I not belong?”
Amona Rite Donald
Student Stories
Henri Mingo, a white femme-presenting person with curly, red, shoulder-length hair, smiles at the camera. She is wearing a bright orange long sleeve V-neck shirt, a statement necklace, and rounded glasses.
“I’m trying to take these challenges in stride. I know that I won’t be in college forever, and I want to enjoy the good things about being a student, like being in senate and connecting with other students.”
Henri Mingo
Student Stories
Caledon Johnston, a white man with short brown hair, smiles for a selfie. Ice is wearing red-framed aviator sunglasses and it is a sunny day.
“Emergency grants were a lifeline for me - when I received the grant, I was at the end of my rope.”
Caledon Johnston
Student Stories

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LeadMN will be hosting a special election this Friday for President, Vice President and Treasurer. Here are the candidates that are running.