On November 18th, LeadMN provided feedback on the Minnesota State 2020 supplemental budget request to the Board of Trustees. With the system focus on Equity 2030, LeadMN emphasized the importance of addressing basic needs like food insecurity and requested that funding be included to help campuses pursue the Hunger Free Campus designation and implement other strategies to address college hunger.

"The Board of Trustees and Minnesota State can take action to support an equity agenda by thinking differently about what to consider as part of its supplemental budget request for the 2020 legislative session. LeadMN urges you to request resources to address basic needs and prevent a devastating tuition increase from driving more students of color out of higher education."

Along with funding for basic needs, LeadMN requested that a funded tuition freeze for community and technical college students during the 2020-21 academic year be included in the supplemental budget request. The community and technical college students of today face many significant barriers to their success, and the continued rising cost of college only intensifies many of those hurdles to completion.