LeadMN currently has two equity interns for the 2017-18 school year. They will be doing a lot of awesome work, and we want you to have a chance to meet them!

Frankie Becerra

Hello my name is Frankie Becerra and I am currently attending Century College. At Century, I am the Director of Legislature for my senate, and I am the President of Movimiento Latino (a Latinx student advocacy group). During my internship with LeadMN, I am excited to build upon what they have already started in terms of equity & inclusion, as well as bring my own personal piece to the ever-expanding puzzle of this field. I know that equity, inclusion and diversity is not a check the box type of work and it is constantly transforming into a greater topic. But if in a year from now, I can look back and say that I helped mold that topic positively, I would be happy with what I had accomplished. This internship is important to me because I want more students to be less like I was a year ago. I was uninvolved and passive at school, I just cared about work and class. Student advocacy is my passion, and being an intern at LeadMN is a two-way street. LeadMN helps me help myself. I want everyone to know that I am here to help and I am very excited to meet a lot of new people this year. If anyone has any questions or would like to meet in person or Skype to talk about equity and inclusion, send me an email, fbecerra@leadmn.org. I am here to learn just as much as I am here to help.

Asha Hurreh

My name is Asha Hurreh and I am a part time PSEO student at Normandale Community College and the University of Minnesota. As an equity intern for LeadMN, I am most excited about advocating for equity at the Board of Trustees, as well as looking at different schools’ diversity plans and see how they're implementing it. A year from now, I hope the Equity team has come up with an equity scorecard to measure how well schools are implementing their diversity plans. This internship is important to me, because it's more than a one-dimensional internship. That means, we are not only advocating for equity on a systemic level, we also have a focus on developing student leaders of color. To do that, we need to work with specific campuses and make sure that everyone is aware of the opportunities that are available to them and they know there are organizations, such as LeadMN, that will help them grow as student leaders. This equity internship is not only an opportunity to help and make things more equitable for others but it's also helping me grow and learn as a student leader. I'd like to thank LeadMN for allowing me take part of this opportunity and for taking the initiative to make things more equitable.